davPlaza de Euskadi (Euskadi Square)

Built between 1862 and 1866 the square known as Plaza de Euskadi was part of the first urban expansion. It was also known as the Plaza de Artiz, Plaza de Alfonso XIII, Plaza de la República, Plaza de España and Plaza de Euskadi.

Industry and demography go hand in hand

Considerable socioeconomic growth took place in the 1950s. Metal industries related to iron processing were opened and expanded in the town of Zumarraga and in the Goierri district. Population growth occurred alongside industry. This development was helped by the Nacional 1 highway and the Madrid-Irun railway line.

Among the companies in Zumarraga stands out one of the biggest in Gipuzkoa, Esteban Orbegozo S.A. (today Arcelor Mittal) which had as many as 3,000 workers. The companies Badiola Hermanos and Forjas de Zumarraga were also important.

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