davTraditions are kept alive in Zumarraga

The trikitixa (accordion) is synonymous with festival

The trikitixa (diatonic accordion) came with the train, brought by alpine and Piedmontese workers who came to Zumarraga to build the railway lines and tunnels. And once introduced in France it is also said to have expanded across Basque lands.

Juan Bautista Busca, one of the most famous names on account of the trikitixa in Zumarraga, came from the Alps to work as a miner to build tunnels.

Joxe Oria, together with the accordion player Kanpazar formed the Trikitixa band of Zumarraga. Then with his nephews he formed the Urteaga-Oria band. From that trikitixa and tambourine are inseparable.

José Miguel Ormazabal was called the magician of the accordion. He belonged to the Urteaga-Oria band.

The trikitixa continues today to liven up popular festivities.

Appreciation of music is also transmitted through the choirs

The Zumarraga March is a song for choir and orchestra that pays tribute to the people of Zumarraga. It tells of a working Zumarraga that welcomes immigrants, and which sings to Our Lady of La Antigua a song of gratitude towards Zumarraga. Secundino Esnaola was also born in Zumarraga; he was the conductor of the Orfeon Donostiarra (Choral Society of San Sebastian) and incorporated female voices.

At the end of the summer, La Antigua turns into a stage. The Music Season of La Antigua takes place every Saturday in September.

The Santa Lucía Cattle Fair shows itself off year after year

The Santa Lucia Cattle Fair and its market shows itself off every year in the towns of Zumarraga and Urretxu. Success is guaranteed. Thousands of Gipuzkoans wander through the streets and squares of these two towns full of animals, market produce and Basque sports. Every 13 December is a riot of music and colour.

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